Much Ado About Twitter

Twitter is an example of a microblogging service, the above video, Twitter in Plain English by the excellent Common Craft, gives a succinct overview of its features and functionality. Other microblogging services like Yammer, and Jaiku have been around too, but have not garnered the high-profile “celebrity status” that their most illustrious competitor has […]

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Diigo? Is that a type of mustard?

Prior to the “Understanding Learning in the Online Environment” module that I undertook last semester, I had used Delicious and Connotea as my principle web services for collecting, storing and sharing bookmarks, news articles and journal articles with my colleagues and interested parties. On the module, Hamish Macleod suggested that we might like to create […]

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New Term, New Site

Wow, kudos to Jen Ross for getting my EduSpaces blog entries into the Holyrood Park / Elgg site so quickly and relatively painlessly. Perhaps I should start a “Give Jen a Pay Rise” community group on here Update Jen informs me that she can’t take all the credit for the smooth transition from EduSpaces. A […]


Academic Facebook: An Experiment in Student / Tutor Relationships

Came across a rather interesting blog article from EduSpaces user AWyatt called “Academic Facebook: Lessons learned so far“. AWyatt has been using Facebook to talk to students outside of the class and offers some interesting insights upon it’s use: Things I have done that I thought were positive: Have messaged conversations about issues that matter, […]

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Travels in Decalcomania and Hypertextuality

Reading Landow’s seminal work brought me crashing back to 1997, when I was tentatively experimenting with web pages and got all hot and flustered when I discovered a new literary form called HyperFiction. The world wide web was so new, shiny and unsullied – an undiscovered country waiting to be explored. …hypermedia is an enabling […]

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Web 2.0: A Game of Snakes and Ladders

Web 2.0 applications is something that I have been using and exploring for a good two years, so much so that I have created a web page on my website to keep on top of it all; I also use Netvibes as my personal and professional portal linking to loads of RSS feeds from news […]

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Listening to Cyberspace

The moment we invent a significant new device for communication – talking drums, papyrus … – we partially reconstruct the self and its world, creating new opportunities (and new traps) for thought, perception and social experience. E. Davis cited in Cousin 2005, p. 119 Over the weekend, I was fortuitous enough to read the Student […]

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The Perils and Prospects of Facebook

I’ve probably been using Facebook for about 9 months now. This was, in part, to see how our students were using it. I noticed only a sprinkling of our academics being on there but not showing too much in the way of any significant activity. Facebook is one of those “must-have killer apps” that is […]

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