Whoops, Apostrophe

A few years ago, I use to be quite a heavy user of ICQ and MSN Messenger. My online conversations would be peppered with emoticons, iterative punctuation and prominent capitalization. Unbeknown to me, I was using what Garrison & Anderson (2003) called “affective responses” to replace those non-verbal communication and voice intonations that we all […]

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The Hypothesis of the Online Distance Learner

A thought occured to me whilst reading the Week 2 scenarios over the weekend. Am I being slow on the up-take here or what? During Week 1, we got to know our fellow virtual class mates by breaking some ice together and turning them into buckets of Pina Coladas and generally gelling very well as […]

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First Week Impressions

I’ve done my tasks for week 1. I’m making my blog entries frequent-ish. I’ve read scores of discussion boards entries and posted some stuff up myself and I am talking to some of my virtual class mates. All in all, so far, so good. Though, the special Facebook group doesn’t seem to be exploding in […]

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Inside the Rabbit Hole

I started using Second Life (SL) about 8 months when I first saw Gilly Salmon demonstrate it (via a series of PowerPoint slides in her keynote speech) to a bemused audience at the Learning Futures Conference 2007 which was held at the University of Leicester. Gilly was offering it up as a possible virtual learning […]

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Social Networking in Plain English

One of my favourite “educational” videos at the moment comes from Common Craft who make these wonderful lo-tech videos involving paper, pen and a little DIY animation which is quite reminiscent of “Vision On“, the old BBC children’s programme from the 60’s and 70’s that featured Tony Hart. So pull a chair up and watch […]

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The Perils and Prospects of Facebook

I’ve probably been using Facebook for about 9 months now. This was, in part, to see how our students were using it. I noticed only a sprinkling of our academics being on there but not showing too much in the way of any significant activity. Facebook is one of those “must-have killer apps” that is […]

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And so it begins…

My journey towards doing this Masters degree started in 1999. I had just successfully completed my first degree (which took 6 years to complete as I was undertaking this as a part-time evening student). I was, then, working in the Higher Education sector for a small unit that was exploring ways in which modern technology could […]

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