The Power of Visualisation

This is now Week 4 of the Learning Challenge (LC) and I’ve been a little naughty in that I have allowed the “Learner Analysis” assignment to interfere with the LC. The “Learner Analysis” assignment is due to be submitted on Sunday 26th October and I have probably spent more than is actually necessary on it. […]

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Imitation is the sincerest of flattery?

It’s Week 1 of the Learning Challenge (LC) and I have set aside 30 minutes to practice the art of knotcraft. The first website I went to was “Knots: How to Tie Knots“; I was not impressed with the rather short but pedestrian instructions with the naff looking illustrations – if I was having trouble […]

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A Knotty Learning Challenge

Here we are again, a new term and a term module, this time it’s “Understanding Learning in the Online Environment” led by the incomparable Hamish Macleod. This is my third module to date and its looking good. My only concern is that 10% of the course assessment is based upon me writing something worthwhile on […]

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