Much Ado About Twitter

Twitter is an example of a microblogging service, the above video, Twitter in Plain English by the excellent Common Craft, gives a succinct overview of its features and functionality. Other microblogging services like Yammer, and Jaiku have been around too, but have not garnered the high-profile “celebrity status” that their most illustrious competitor has […]

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Digital Networking for Researchers

Today, I attended a workshop called “Digital Networking for Researchers” which was facilitated by Dr Darren Ambrose, who divides his time between the Graduate School and teaching for the Department of Media at Canterbury Christ Church University. He ran a short session we will provide some practical information for researchers who want to find out […]

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The Perils and Prospects of Facebook

I’ve probably been using Facebook for about 9 months now. This was, in part, to see how our students were using it. I noticed only a sprinkling of our academics being on there but not showing too much in the way of any significant activity. Facebook is one of those “must-have killer apps” that is […]

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