Week 2: Connectivism – Introducing the concept

The e-Learning Ecologies MOOC: Week 2 Question Make a post introducing a ubiquitous learning concept. Define the concept and provide at least 1 example of the concept in practice. Be sure to add links or other references and images or other media to illustrate your point. If possible, select a concept that nobody has addressed […]

The Three Challenges for Open Educational Resources #h817open

The term Open Educational Resources (OERs) was first introduced at a conference hosted by UNESCO in 2000, which broadly defined it as: The open provision of educational resources, enabled by information and communication technologies, for consultation, use and adaptation by a community of users for noncommercial purposes (UNESCO, 2002:24). However, since then others have attempted to […]

Week 2: Metaphors, memes and mimicry? #edcmooc

Information that we copy from person to person, by imitation, by language, by talking, by telling stories, by wearing clothes, by doing things — this is information copied with variation and selection. This is [a] design process. (Blackmore, 2008) This post has taken a little longer to get published as I have been down with […]

Whoops, Apostrophe

A few years ago, I use to be quite a heavy user of ICQ and MSN Messenger. My online conversations would be peppered with emoticons, iterative punctuation and prominent capitalization. Unbeknown to me, I was using what Garrison & Anderson (2003) called “affective responses” to replace those non-verbal communication and voice intonations that we all […]

The Hypothesis of the Online Distance Learner

A thought occured to me whilst reading the Week 2 scenarios over the weekend. Am I being slow on the up-take here or what? During Week 1, we got to know our fellow virtual class mates by breaking some ice together and turning them into buckets of Pina Coladas and generally gelling very well as […]