Critical Realism: A Philosophy in search of a Method?

I have now completed the essay for the second module on the EdD programme. Once again, I needed to write a 4000 word essay and I chose a topic that I knew next to nothing about: critical realism. The essay was in the context on how critical realism could enhance our understanding of educational knowledge […]

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Learning Spaces: A Bibliography

In 2011, I had just successfully completed my MSc in e-Learning (now MSc in Digital Education) with the University of Edinburgh. My Master’s dissertation was called “Towards aligning pedagogy, space and technology inside a large-scale learning environment“, which to some extent was an extension to a JISC funded project called iBorrow and also coincided with the […]

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Connectivism: Theory or Phenomenon?

Preface Back in March 2013, I signed up to do the “Open Education“ MOOC from The Open University on the OpenLearn platform. Also in March, I started my Doctorate in Education (EdD) at Canterbury Christ Church University, so the “Open Education” course took a back seat. The EdD is made up of seven modules at Master’s level, on the successful completion of these […]

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Openness: A Common Property? #h817open

This is my final submitted digital artefact for the Open Education MOOC course (#h817open). The images and music used in this presentation are all Creative Commons licensed content. This is a reflection on the notion of “openness” and what interests me the most is what is this thing called “openness” and how and why is […]

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The Open Learner #h817open

In 2006, my institution took part in a joint Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) venture called the e-Learning Benchmarking and Pathfinder Project (HEA, 2008). Our project was called Digital Experience Building in University Teaching (DEBUT) (Westerman & Barry, 2009) and we had identified quite early on that digital literacy was going […]

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The Way of the Rhizome #h817open

This is not my first foray into the realms of the “rhizome metaphor“, I was aware of Deleuze & Guattari’s (1988) rhizome metaphor which was introduced to me as a student on the MSc in e-Learning with the University of Edinburgh (yes, I know, another shameless plug). The rhizome metaphor was used in the context of […]

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Week 2: Metaphors, memes and mimicry? #edcmooc

Information that we copy from person to person, by imitation, by language, by talking, by telling stories, by wearing clothes, by doing things — this is information copied with variation and selection. This is [a] design process. (Blackmore, 2008) This post has taken a little longer to get published as I have been down with […]

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Week 1: Determinism, dependency and discrepancy? #edcmooc

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic (Clarke, 1962, rev. 2000) I am going to leave my impressions and reflections about the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC until after the course has finished (but suffice to say I have been enormously impressed with it). Block 1 of the course is an exploration of utopian and […]

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Limbering up for the #edcmooc 2013 sweepstake

One of the things that I have found to be quite remarkable since signing up for “E-learning and Digital Cultures” Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with the University of Edinburgh and Coursera is the sheer volume of online pre-course activity that has been generated by the EDC MOOC students – a kind of “limbering up” […]

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The e-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC

I’ve opened up my blog for the first time in nearly 14 months and the moths are bludgeoning madly towards the nearest source of light, so such an extent that they are blocking the very source of light that I need to write this blog. So, why have I turned to my blog after leaving […]

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