Digital Game-based Learning: A Retrospective

Tempus fugit – Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? After a 12 week tournament that is the “Digital Game-based Learning” module. All good things must eventually come to a full stop. Whilst we have been reading, writing and debating about the “serious” business of games, gaming and play; more importantly, we have also […]

Chauvet Four Horses

The Four Horsemen

Yesterday, I attended the Fourth Symposium on Social Learning Spaces at Oxford Brookes University with my boss who is, incidently, doing his masters on professional development and the use of e-portfolios. We had hoped to have come back from the symposium with lots of ideas and food for thought with regards to our University’s new […]

The Affinity towards Groups, Spaces and Learning

In the final chapter of his book, Gee explores the social and collaborative learning endeavours which is perhaps the most fascinating chapter of the book as it explicitly addresses the issue of group / team work that can take place within a given shared task, aim or objective. Although this chapter focuses upon group work […]

The Learner with a Thousand Identities

One of my pet interests is that of identity. Gee not only devotes a whole chapter on idenity (and learning), but also another chapter that looks at identity (and culture). Gee suggests that learning that takes place within, what he describes as “semiotic domains”, or as he puts it more plainly: “an area or set […]

Crystal gazing, GUIs and making computer games fun

Last week, I read a couple of fascinating papers from the early 1980s by Thomas MaloneĀ (formerly a research scientist at Xerox PARC, but now the Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management) who put forward a “set of heuristics or guidelines for designers of instructional computer games” (Malone, 1980, […]