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"Array" by Joe Dinckley. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA
“Array” by Joe Dinckley. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-SA

Copyright Statement

All content, unless otherwise stated as belong to or being copyright of someone else, is available legally for free use under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives (CC) BY-NC-ND license. All copyright remains © Wayne Barry 2003-2015. ‘Content’ is defined as text, file, design, video, image or anything else that is hosted on this site.

If you are interested in using any of the content on this site commercially, or if you would like exemption from copyright or the creative commons license, please contact me and depending on your circumstances, you may be given free permission. Failure to apply for permission for use in commercial work or non-attribution will be in breach of copyright and creative commons licensing.

Attribution and Citation

How to attribute under the CC BY-NC-ND licence, either:

  • A text attribution on the same page as the content: “© Wayne Barry” or a text link “Source:”.
  • An attribution within the ALT and TITLE attribute of the IMG tag (image content only): “Photo © Wayne Barry”, with a plain text/link on a suitable ‘about’ page elsewhere on your site.

For those wishing to cite my blog posts, I recommend the following format:

Barry, W. (2013) ‘Connectivism: Theory or Phenomenon?’, The Accidental Technologist, 29 April 2013. Available at: [Accessed 08/03/2019].

A note about the ‘non-commerical’ clause: the license states use is permitted when “not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage”. Regardless of the status of your company / organisation (profit / not-for-profit), content may not be used for advertising your organisation / product / service or as key design elements on a website without prior permission – please contact me for permission before use as some photos cannot be used due to their location or subject.


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