The Way(ne)back Machine

“Digitization Head” by geralt. Creative Commons licence CC0

I have been reflecting upon my personal and professional learning trajectory of late. Thinking back to the kinds of work, activities and projects that I have been involved with; the various tools, technologies and objects that I was using; the different spaces (physical and virtual) that I have occupied; and the diverse cast of people that I have met, worked with or were inspired by along the way. I took myself on a digital journey back in time using Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to undertake a kind of digital archaeology of my previous work and projects for The Technology in Teaching and Learning (TiTLe) Unit at Canterbury Christ Church University between 1996 to 1999.

Whilst I have never considered myself as being a graphic designer, I did have an aesthetic eye for layout and complementary colour palettes. Most of my web-based projects began with coming up with a short acronym and a “colour scheme”. This provided the building blocks of how I would begin to structure the site. Looking back at the websites now, that have a naive simplicity to them as I began to explore a new way of being creative with this new medium called the “World Wide Web”. None of the sites listed below used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Javascript, Flash, PHP or Microsoft ASP.NET, just pure and undiluted HTML. Most of the sites listed below are just a repository of carefully curated links to other websites.

External Projects