ICT in Primary Education MOOC

Here I go again, I have only just signed myself up for yet another MOOC with Coursera whilst still doing the EdD (Doctorate in Education), especially as I have hit a crucial stage in terms of putting the ethics application form together along with supporting documents and my research instruments – these being the questionnaire […]

Week 1: The Philosophy vs. The Application of Pedagogies

The e-Learning Ecologies MOOC: Week 1 Question We don’t want to criticize didactic/mimetic pedagogy. It had its place in its time. It has done its job, sometimes appropriately, and in some circumstances it may still be appropriate. However, our focus in this learning module is on the affordances offered by e-learning environments for collaborative/reflexive learning. […]

Unlocking the Potential #h817open

The above visual representation of “openness in education” depicts the types of “open” formats, that currently exist, such as “open education“, “open source“, “open access publishing“, etc. and lists those characteristics that are seen to exemplify the “open movement“. Finally, the image itself resembles a key that is able to open, or unlock, these potentials. […]

Five minutes with … Wayne Barry

Despite saying that I wasn’t planning on participating in another MOOC because I was about to embark on a Doctorate in Education (EdD) at Canterbury Christ Church University, so up pops the “Open Education” MOOC from The Open University on the OpenLearn platform. Life lesson #42: Never say never. So here I am! You can […]

Blue Robot

Week 1: Determinism, dependency and discrepancy? #edcmooc

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic (Clarke, 1962, rev. 2000) I am going to leave my impressions and reflections about the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC until after the course has finished (but suffice to say I have been enormously impressed with it). Block 1 of the course is an exploration of utopian and […]