Site History

In 2015, reached it’s fourth incarnation since it’s inception in 2003. However, this is the first time that the site had been fully powered by WordPress. In 2009, WordPress was installed and acted as a blog that supplemented the rest of the website, which was largely powered by HTML,¬†CSS and PHP as a way, at the time, of showcasing my web developer skills.

First Incarnation (2003-2006)
Second Incarnation (2006-2009)
(“andreas02” template by Andreas Viklund)
Third Incarnation (2009-2015)
(“Keep It Simple” template by StyleShout)

The transition to a fully functional content management system (CMS) has largely been prompted by the emergence of social media, mobile devices and the move towards HTML5, insofar that most web-based content now needs to be accessed across a vast array of platforms and devices.

Furthermore, in 2006, my career moved towards an academic-related field and, as such, the focus of the site needed to reflect and emphasize the highly professional and academic nature of my role of learning technologist at a Higher Education Institution (HEI) within the United Kingdom (UK).

In developing this WordPress-enabled site, I have retained the principle colour scheme and the triskelion motif from the site’s third implementation (2009-2015) as these elements are now a core part of my professional online identity as well as being a nod to my Celtic heritage.

This site uses the excellent, highly configurable and feature-rich “Dublin” (another Celtic nod)¬†WordPress theme developed by those coding maestros at Fly Free Media.