Academic Facebook: An Experiment in Student / Tutor Relationships

Came across a rather interesting blog article from EduSpaces user AWyatt called “Academic Facebook: Lessons learned so far“. AWyatt has been using Facebook to talk to students outside of the class and offers some interesting insights upon it’s use: Things I have done that I thought were positive: Have messaged conversations about issues that matter, […]

Digital Footprint

Interesting Snippets

I came across Lynetter‘s Flickr account whilst looking for a picture on “digital natives” / “digital immigrants“. She has an area called “Interesting Snippets” which used to be called “Online Developments“. This is my personal dumping ground for various cool quotes, the odd stat, as slides to talk around when describing how things are changing […]

Digital Immigrant

Digital Imperialism: The Tyranny of Technology

The notion of “Millennials” (Howe & Strauss, 2000), “digital natives” (Prensky, 2001), “net gen” (Oblinger, 2005), “technological generation” (Monereo, 2004) and Frand’s (2000) ten attributes of the “information-age mindset” is of great interest to me. Why? Well, my institution was awarded, this year, with some HEA Pathfinder funding to equip some of our lecturers with […]

I am not a student ID number…

In my first blog entry, I mentioned that I had read Dreyfus’ “On the Internet“, which I described as a: …fascinating, philosophical and accessible tome that looked at the Internet and, in particular, distance learning in a critical and provocative way. Oddly enough I went to see Dr David Starkey¬†(“the rudest man in Britain“) who […]

Second Life, The Metaverse and just about everything else…

Five years from now a social networking site without a 3D universe will look like a dinosaur. Mark Kern, President of Red 5 Studios. March 2007 I went along to the Tuesday evening induction session for Second Life that was conducted by Fiona and Sian. This was followed up by a session on how to […]

Travels in Decalcomania and Hypertextuality

Reading Landow’s seminal work brought me crashing back to 1997, when I was tentatively experimenting with web pages and got all hot and flustered when I discovered a new literary form called HyperFiction. The world wide web was so new, shiny and unsullied – an undiscovered country waiting to be explored. …hypermedia is an enabling […]

Listening to Cyberspace

The moment we invent a significant new device for communication – talking drums, papyrus … – we partially reconstruct the self and its world, creating new opportunities (and new traps) for thought, perception and social experience. E. Davis cited in Cousin 2005, p. 119 Over the weekend, I was fortuitous enough to read the Student […]