The Power of Visualisation

This is now Week 4 of the Learning Challenge (LC) and I’ve been a little naughty in that I have allowed the “Learner Analysis” assignment to interfere with the LC. The “Learner Analysis” assignment is due to be submitted on Sunday 26th October and I have probably spent more than is actually necessary on it.

I am back on the “I Will Knot” website to refamiliarise myself with the knots that I was practicing before the assignment got in the way. It’s amazing how much you quickly forget because you haven’t been practicing to the point where it “sticks” or “clicks” into place. At the moment, I am practicing once with the knot with the aid of the step-by-step video and then a further three times without the aid of the video – the trick is to try and repeat this tomorrow without the aid of the video at all!

On the subject of the “I Will Knot” website, I mentioned to a colleague of mine who teaches Chemistry at my University and has just been appointed a Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator for my Faculty that I was doing this learning challenge as part of my MSc and showed her the website I was using. She was most impressed by it – NOT because it showed you how to tie knots in easy step-by-step videos BUT how the idea behind the easy step-by-step videos could be used to show a particular Science experiment / practical to a group of students.

This visual aspect to learning is indeed a powerful motivator, and if done properly it could instruct students better than just reading it out of a textbook.