Step forward Team 2…

As part of the “Introduction to Digital Game-based Learning”, this semester’s cohort have been made up of 4 teams of 6 people who will work together as a team to either construct game-based tasks (for others to participate in) or take part in game-based tasks that have been given to us, as well as giving presentations to the other teams.

I am part of “Team 2” who consist of:

  • Bill Babouris
  • Myself
  • Chris Hambley
  • Eleisha John
  • Marie Leadbetter
  • Nicholas Palmer

I am very excited about the potential of group-based activities where the participants are at a distance and working remotely using a range of technologies like discussion boards, Skype and Second Life. It would be good to try a develop some kind of “good practice” guide that can be passed on to others who are also planning on this “virtual” approach to group work.