Openness: A Common Property? #h817open

This is my final submitted digital artefact for the Open Education MOOC course (#h817open). The images and music used in this presentation are all Creative Commons licensed content. This is a reflection on the notion of “openness” and what interests me the most is what is this thing called “openness” and how and why is it different to be just “open”. The discussion conducted around “openness” is between a young woman, a sock puppet and a fish…

2 thoughts on “Openness: A Common Property? #h817open

  1. Wayne,

    It is a lovely artefact.
    I particularly like the notion of the tensions that exist. They exist and have to be managed rather than dissolved – when we try to choose sides we miss the point. Holding the tension of opposites is where wisdom lies…at least Jung thought so:-) I have now added your blog to my Netvibes page!

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