Learning Spaces: A Bibliography

In 2011, I had just successfully completed my MSc in e-Learning (now MSc in Digital Education) with the University of Edinburgh. My Master’s dissertation was called “Towards aligning pedagogy, space and technology inside a large-scale learning environment“, which to some extent was an extension to a JISC funded project called iBorrow and also coincided with the opening of our £35m Library and Student Services Centre called Augustine House.

The iBorrow Project was part of JISC’s  Institutional Innovation Programme (IIP). We wanted a loan system that was entirely self-service – so that borrowing a laptop to use within Augustine House was no more complicated than borrowing a book off a shelf. This meant that the laptops had to be robust and the system and software locked down so that they would always work. The project went on to win the 2009 UCISA Award for Excellence and has been short-listed for two categories of the Times Higher Education Awards 2010.

As part of my dissertation, I compiled a 19 page bibliography on learning spaces. So click HERE to download that bibliography. It is in a PDF format.