Rosetta Stone

Week 4: Digital Literacy – Introducing the concept

The e-Learning Ecologies MOOC: Week 4 Question Make a post introducing a multimodal meaning concept. Define the concept and provide at least 1 example of the concept in practice. Be sure to add links or other references and images or other media to illustrate your point. If possible, select a concept that nobody has addressed […]

Comparing the MOOC dot com #h817open

Like OpenLearn’s “Open Education” course, the “Digital Storytelling” course is also “open” in the respect that course content is publicly available and accessible. Whereas the courses on Coursera and Udacity are “closed” and requires the user to sign-up and enrol into a course before they are able to access content. In Coursera’s case, the content […]

Week 4: The Postmodern Prometheus #edcmooc

We have reached the final leg of Block 2 of the course, Week 4, which is entitled “Refining the human”. The course tutors have suggested that we turn our attention to those “perspectives which focus on how technology works to re-define what constitutes ‘the human’ – for better or worse – and what that might […]