Iconclasm in the Digital Age

Gee is such an absorbing read and lots of wonderfully quotable nuggets like: But all learning is … learning to play ‘the game’. For example, literary criticism and field biology are different ‘games’ played by different rules. (They are different sorts of activities requiring different values, tools, and ways of acting and thinking; they are […]

Step forward Team 2…

As part of the “Introduction to Digital Game-based Learning”, this semester’s cohort have been made up of 4 teams of 6 people who will work together as a team to either construct game-based tasks (for others to participate in) or take part in game-based tasks that have been given to us, as well as giving […]

Digital Natives Revisited

As a results of the “introduction to digital environments for learning” (IDEL) module and the research that I have been doing around the topic of digital literacy; I have crossed Marc Prensky’s path many times over; he should also add agent provocateur to his list of roles. It started with my IDEL essay called “Bridging […]

Diigo? Is that a type of mustard?

Prior to the “Understanding Learning in the Online Environment” module that I undertook last semester, I had used Delicious and Connotea as my principle web services for collecting, storing and sharing bookmarks, news articles and journal articles with my colleagues and interested parties. On the module, Hamish Macleod suggested that we might like to create […]

Flashbacks of a Fool

This is the first week of the “Introduction to Digital Game-based Learning” module. Over the next 12 weeks, we will be exploring the world of digital games in terms of ideas, concepts, issues and controversies and in particular how games can aid with the learning process – what lessons can be learnt if any? I […]

The Power of Visualisation

This is now Week 4 of the Learning Challenge (LC) and I’ve been a little naughty in that I have allowed the “Learner Analysis” assignment to interfere with the LC. The “Learner Analysis” assignment is due to be submitted on Sunday 26th October and I have probably spent more than is actually necessary on it. […]

A Knotty Learning Challenge

Here we are again, a new term and a term module, this time it’s “Understanding Learning in the Online Environment” led by the incomparable Hamish Macleod. This is my third module to date and its looking good. My only concern is that 10% of the course assessment is based upon me writing something worthwhile on […]